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Welcome!  I'm Andrea.

My mission is to empower people to learn how to take care of their physical health and work towards their physical health goals.

I believe that people deserve to feel good and enjoy their movement activities. Physical health affects so many aspects in quality of life. I want people to have as best a quality life as possible. Physical health affects medical health, mental health, career and relationships. 

A little investment in your physical health goes along way. There are many things that CAN be done to physically feel better, you just have to learn them and do them on a consistent basis. There are many basic aspects to physical health that people are missing and I want to close that gap of knowledge.

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Are cultivate movement classes for me?

The classes are for anyone who is ready to learn and do the work! Folks that are ready to make the time to make progress. People that reject the notion that they have to feel like shit all the time or that they will feel like shit with aging. People that want to actively improve their body versus passively wait and see what happens.


  • Imagine your joints don't feel like a creaky door.

  • Imagine doing a really hard workout and the next day your body does not feel like it got run over by a truck.

  • Imagine progressing intensity or volume of training and not getting tendinitis or other issues.

  • Imagine unlocking a skill that you've struggled to master because you built up some fundamental mobility.

  • This can and will be you! 

"I have known Andrea for 15 years.  I first met her at Lakeshore Foundation, which is a Paralympic Training site. She worked with our national team as an athletic trainer certified as well as assisting with our sports performance. It was clear then that she had a passion for athletes and improving their performance.  I am so excited for her new business as it aligns with my passion as a personal trainer for improving people's lives.  There is a need, and I see it daily, for improving mobility and functional training." 

Asya Miller, Certified Personal Trainer 

20+year member of USA Women's Goalball 

6-time Paralympic Athlete, 5-time Medalist | World Champion & MVP

USATF Level 2 Throws Coach | USATF Apprentice Official w/Para Certification

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Do You really know what mobility is? Or how to train it properly?


There's a good chance that you're guessing with where to start, as this isn't something we learn routinely. But it's such an important element of our fitness and wellbeing, so it's time to start paying attention. 

Learn how to improve mobility from someone who is professionally trained in this area and can relate to your journey.


Clients benefit from the many years of experience I have accumulated working in sports medicine and healthcare settings. I have successfully worked with ALL bodies and can offer appropriate progressions to help folks be successful. I can meet everyone where they are at. I am an over-40 athlete that has had surgeries so I fully understand the ups and downs of a mobility journey. 


If you want to improve mobility, it's important to do so properly under the guidance of a trained and experienced professional.


Cultivate Movement classes are different from other options you may be considering because of my extensive professional background.

  • I use research-backed systematic programs that target specific joint mobility and I know how to do focused work with appropriate progressions to get results.
  • I use a robust mobility assessment system to properly identify areas for improvement and capture a baseline from which to track results.
  • I have studied injury patterns with sport teams, so I incorporate key aspects into my programs to address common joint deficiencies to mitigate injuries.
  • I have studied biomechanics so I can accurately break down skills to assess prerequisites to master skills or to understand injury mechanisms associated with skills.
  • I have worked at Paralympic and Olympic training sites so I understand high level performance needs.
  • I have a broad level of experience working with people at all levels, from recreational athletes to elite.
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