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I'm Andrea Kushman, and my training began when I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training at Northeastern University.  I then pursued my master’s degree in Special Education at Boston University.  During that time, I also completed a Massage Therapy program at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy.


My passion for biomechanics and injury mitigation along with my sports medicine background allowed for a seamless transition into becoming a Kinstretch instructor.  I teach mobility because I believe that improving the quality of movement of a person will directly correlate with an improvement in quality of life.


I have had a robust sports medicine career and the privilege to work with a diverse patient panel.  My scope of experience includes high school students, Division 1 collegiate teams, Paralympic & Olympic contenders, performance artists, and recreational athletes. My vast knowledge about healthcare and medicine enable me to transition seamlessly from the Athletic Training world, into a clinical role in prosthetics and then a healthcare analyst role with clinical services in the VA hospital setting.  

As an expert in the field, I have also educated students in Sports Medicine at Lasell College, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston University, and Northeastern University.

A lifelong traditional sport athlete and now recreational aerialist, I knew that I needed to find a comprehensive and interdisciplinary program that would better address my previous injuries, nagging issues and mobility restrictions that hindered my training. I consider myself to be a “mature mover” and plan to enjoy movement activities for the long term. The education that I have obtained through the Functional Range system has not only improved my own aerial arts performance, but I have been able to teach the broader circus and athletic community the importance about mobility, stability, joint strength, and injury mitigation through Kinstretch.

I believe that the Functional Range Systems is the most thorough and inclusive program I have seen to date, after many years of searching.


It serves all mobility journeys from less bendy to very bendy. Additionally, I integrate the expertise and insight I have accumulated from my expansive career, into my programs. 


Having a background in sports medicine, I am already knowledgeable about common injury patterns among sport disciplines, so that is considered and addressed in my mobility programs.

"Andrea is committed to helping athletes from recreational to elite to return to their passions through a comprehensive approach after injury, but even more importantly helping folks be proactive in their athletic journeys to get their bodies, especially joints, as healthy and as functional as possible."

Jen Armbruster, Inclusive Rec & Fitness Center Coordinator at Portland State University

7 Time Paralympian | 6 World Championships

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Through the development of Cultivate Movement, my goal is to empower my clients with the knowledge and tools to obtain desired outcomes related to their movement activity of choice.

The #1 outcome is enjoyment of the activity - to feel good during and afterwards. I am currently performing aerial skills I never thought I would be able to do “at this age” (over 40) but can, because I have used this system to optimize my joint function. And my body is feeling better than it did in my 30s!

I wish the same for you - to be able to move freely without pain, pinching, or restrictions, at any age.

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