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Dealing with mobility can be tricky business. Fearing doing activity that could make your pain worse, or even worrying about which exercises will give you the most return on investment.


Take a class that guides you through the process so you can learn and improve your mobility at the same time.

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No experience required!


Mobility training is like strength training in that consistent focused work creates tissue adaptation which maximizes the outcomes, and you will experience the benefits sooner. This class is useful for both the less bendy humans as well as the bendy humans.


Everyone must develop adequate control of their body in space and develop adequate joint capacity (strength and range of motion) for healthy joints. Our favorite activities have joint capacity prerequisites to do them correctly. If our joints do not have that, compensations can occur which could lead to injury over time. That is when you start to see things like back pain, knee pain, hamstring pulls, elbow pain, and wrist pain pop up with increased intensity or increased training sessions. Chronic, nagging things that never seem to resolve.


However, if you build healthy joints to meet the required capacity, it fixes the underlying issues, and those things finally resolve. And you might even unlock skill too. These sessions will help you understand why you might have those nagging issues and more importantly, what to do to build joint health and longevity so you can enjoy your favorite activities pain-free and for the long term. Each session includes a functional range assessment to determine baseline joint capacity and identify compensations.


The big three priority joints are shoulder, hip, and spine so those are the focus areas. Relationships of these joints to other joints will be explored, explained, and safely trained through mobility exercises. Learn ways to enhance and maximize your warm-up. This class is appropriate for all levels; you can never be TOO GOOD at the basics!

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In Person


4-week session

  • Live classes held in Waltham, Massachusetts.

  • Choose from shoulder, hip, spine or skill prep focus.
  • Limited to 12 students per class. 

Live - Virtual


4-week session

  • Live classes held on Zoom.

  • Choose from shoulder, hip, spine or skill prep focus.
  • Limited to 12 students per class. 
Live (In Person): Spine
Live (Virtual): Spine
Live (In Person): Hip
Live (Virtual): Hip
Live (In Person): Shoulder
Live (Virtual): Shoulder
Live In Person: Big 3 (Shoulder/Hip/Spine) for $173 (20% Off)
Live (Virtual): Big 3 (Shoulder/Hip/Spine) for $173 (20% Off)
Live (In Person): Skill Prep
Live (Virtual): Skill Prep

Live Class Schedule -    2024

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It's never too late to physically feel better. 

Invest in your mobility bank so that you can make deposits later, during your favorite movement activities.

I've been performing and teaching circus for ten years, and I wish my initial training included more elements of Kinstretch!  Andrea is an excellent teacher with a huge depth of knowledge and ability to tailor to the individual.  I highly recommend Kinstretch to anyone at any level in any movement practice!"

~Lauren Breunig

Your joints will move like butter... freely without pain, pinching or restrictions.

  • Bendy folks will feel more stability in their body and will have better control over more of their range for better technique and less risk of injury. They will have closed the gap between their passive range and active range.
  • For those that are not bendy, they might expand their range of motion so they can have better technique for their movement activities and less risk of injury.
  • Increased end-range strength capacity in their joints.
  • Increase body control capacity.
  • Increased mind-body connection, better understanding of where their body is in space, without having to look at their limbsto keep track of them.
  • If they had joint pain, decreased pain and increased pain-free range of motion.


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