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You are feeling better and moving better. You want to either commit to maintaining this level you have achieved or continue working on your next level of mobility goals. Take live class for accountability to make sure you show up to do the work. Or choose on-demand option to fit around your busy schedule. Sign up for the video library to supplement classwork. Or select a discount package and have the best of both worlds. Either way, you’ll have the guidance from an experienced coach to keep you on track and help you get the outcomes you desire. 

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Kinstretch 2

(See description of Kinstretch 1 on this page)


In Level 2 Kinstretch classes, we will add on to Level 1 fundamentals with specific work to improve ranges of motion. Challenges like isometric contractions, end-range holds, end-range lift offs, kinetic stretching, hovers, eccentric neural grooving, and multi-joint isometric holds will ensure that ranges of motion acquired are learned and controllable by the nervous system.


We will work from the deeper layers of the joint all the way to the superficial musculature, so you’ll leave feeling looser and stronger than when you came in.


Students will be offered level 2 and 3 CARs and challenging positions for isometric work.  This class is appropriate for all levels, although at least one Level 1 four-week session or previous classes with Andrea is recommended prior to Level 2 attendance (or with instructor permission). This class is at a faster pace with more exercise repetitions.


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In Person


4-week session

  • Live classes held in Waltham, Massachusetts.

  • Choose from shoulder, hip, spine, or skill prep focus.
  • Limited to 12 students per class. 

Live - Virtual


4-week session

  • Live classes held using Zoom.

  • Choose from shoulder, hip, spine or skill prep focus.
  • Limited to 12 students per class. 
Live (In Person): Spine
Live (Virtual): Spine
Live (In Person): Hip
Live (Virtual): Hip
Live (In Person): Shoulder
Live (Virtual): Shoulder
Live In Person: Big 3 (Shoulder/Hip/Spine) for $173 (20% Off)
Live (Virtual): Big 3 (Shoulder/Hip/Spine) for $173 (20% Off)
Live (In Person): Skill Prep
Live (Virtual): Skill Prep
Live In Person: Shoulder, Hip, and Skill Prep for $173 (20% Off)
Live (Virtual): Shoulder, Hip and Skill Prep for $173 (20% Off)
Live In Person: K2 8-wk Class for $144
Live Virtual: K2 8-wk Class for $144
All K1 plus K2 Live In Person Classes for $345
All K1 plus K2 Live Virtual Classes for $345

Live Class Schedule -   2024

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""To my friends looking for help with joint mobility,  I highly recommend Andrea and Cultivate Movement!  I've already noticed a huge improvement in my joints! 

~Eileen Little

Your joints will move like butter... freely without pain, pinching or restrictions.

  • Bendy folks will feel more stability in their body and will have better control over more of their range for better technique and less risk of injury. They will have closed the gap between their passive range and active range.
  • For those that are not bendy, the goal is to build joint capacity to improve skill technique for movement activities and mitigate injury.
  • Increased end-range strength capacity in the joints.
  • Increase body control capacity.
  • Increased mind-body connection, better understanding of where your body is in space, without having to look at your limbs to keep track of them.
  • Decreased pain and increased pain-free range of motion.


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